12 Law & Tax Guidelines for New Ministers

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You've completed your theological training. You're eager to serve God and His church with your gifts and talents. So why is someone asking if you want to opt-out of Social Security? If you're like most new ministers, you're probably overwhelmed by the legal and tax issues that confront you in the ministry. Who is a minister for federal tax purposes? Should I report my taxes as an employee or as self-employed? What is the housing allowance? What are the tax consequences of living in a church-owned parsonage? What is the clergy-penitent privilege? What legal requirements apply to the performance of marriage ceremonies? Look to church law and tax expert and Richard R. Hammar for the answers you'll need to begin your ministry with legal and financial clarity and integrity. 12 Law & Tax Guidelines for New Ministers features a convenient Q&A format and is written in understandable and concise language. Get the insights you need to make potentially significant legal and financial decisions with confidence.