God's Destiny for People of Color

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More than Black History - God's Destiny

“Son of man, can these bones live?” God told Ezekiel to prophecy to the bones.God called Clarence Walker to prophecy to the despair of a scattered people. God’s Destiny for People of Color uncovers a piece of God’s restorative plan for His children of African descent—plans to prosper and grow a promising future.

God’s Destiny for People of Color carries a powerful message for all to realize God’s divine design for His beloved African people. It is a valuable evangelism tool for Black Muslims and those who mistake Jesus as being only for the “white man.” For those who feel discouraged because of abject oppression, xenophobia, and racism in our society, this book offers hope and peace.

Please visit clarencewalkerministries.com and thefacc.org.

Praise for the Walkers:

“I am one of the many people influenced and encouraged by Dr. Walker to understand more about the connection between the Bible and African history. To say that Dr. Walker has had a profound effect upon my life would be an understatement.”—Joel A. Freeman, President & CEO, Freeman Institute 

“In a profound and gripping message, Dr. Walker gives every African-American Christian, and especially every pastor, the truth about God’s prophetic words for African people everywhere. You need to hear it and get into action!”—C. Jeffrey Wright, President & CEO, UMI 

“Few people give so much to the cause of Christ. The Walkers are well trained and effective, but it is their commitment that makes them special.”—Dr. Tony Campolo, National Speaker, Author, Professor