Reducing the Risk: A Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Program (DVD)

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The children in your church are precious. They deserve to feel safe and secure. Parents expect nothing less when they entrust their children to the care of ministry leaders and volunteers. Yet, child sexual abuse allegations is one of the top five reasons churches end up in court. The good news is you can decrease the likelihood of a child being harmed or your church facing costly allegations when you implement the Reducing the Risk awareness program. Created by noted legal expert Richard Hammar, J.D., LL.M., CPA, this established program, used by thousands of churches, includes everything you need to train pastors, staff members, and volunteer leaders every year with confidence and ease. Video and training resources walk participants through an effective screening and selection process, common supervision scenarios that require thoughtful decisions, and insights on best practices that can most effectively reduce vulnerabilities. Conveniently delivered to you on DVD, the Reducing the Risk training program includes:

  • Closed-captioned videos (English)—NEW.
  • Nine newly-edited training videos to further help viewers retain what they've learned.
  • Stream-lined Leader's Guide to easily facilitate training—complete with sample training schedules, group discussion questions, and key points of emphasis for the training day.
  • Updated Trainee Workbook featuring activities, discussion questions, and resources to help participants immediately apply the training.
  • Electronically fillable screening forms—avoid the hassle of distributing paper forms to participants or dealing with illegible handwriting.
  • All support materials in a PDF format—print as many or as few as you need, or share them electronically within your church.
  • Insights and practical tips from leaders in the insurance and legal professions on liability concerns and how to set wise ministry policy guidelines.

Training Video Summaries

Video #1: Child Protection as the Foundation of Your Ministry

Video #2: A Victim's Story

Video #3: Sexual Abuse in Faith Communities—An Expert Roundtable

Video #4: Screening & Selection: Your First Line of Defense

Video #5: Screening & Selection: The Candidate (a short film)

Video #6: Legal Requirements: The Church's Responsibility to Protect Kids (with Richard Hammar)

Video #7: Supervising Scenarios: What Would You Do?

Video #8: Responding to an Allegation

Video #9: Taking the Next Steps.

The Reducing the Risk training is divided into 5 sessions with each session being approximately 45 minutes. There are 9 videos—the total video time is 1 hour and 7 minutes (individual videos vary in length, from 4 minutes to 10 minutes).