Awake, O Christians, and Serve the Lord in Truth: Marriage and the Family Vol. III ( Hard cover)

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 Awake, O Christians, and Serve the Lord in Truth explores the promise of salvation as outlined in the Bible from a family perspective. Joseph N. Mfonyam, a longtime missionary, explores marriage and the family as they are presented in Genesis 1-3 and what these institutions looked like in ancient Israel and the Bafut tradition. He also examines how God speaks to people in their cultures and traces their transformation and adoption into His family. Consider questions such as: 

  • What role should family members play regarding each other and with God? 
  • How can individual family members discover the purpose God has in their life? 
  • How does Jesus draw our attention to our spiritual and heavenly family?  
The author argues that God's plan from Creation was, and still is, to use the family to carry out His salvation plan, with each member faithfully fulfilling a certain role. This book is geared toward spiritual and civil leaders who want to help people fulfill their family responsibilities. If the people and those in authority saw themselves as servants and members of the family of God, the world would be different.