Church Finance: The Church Leader's Guide to Financial Operations

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“It all starts with mission and purpose.” These opening words by author Mike Batts sum up the proper role of financial administration in the church. Financial administration is a critically important and unique calling. Church Finance: The Church Leader’s Guide to Financial Operations provides you with the information and resources to successfully lead your church’s financial operations in keeping with your church’s unique mission and purpose. Whether you’re new to the role or experienced, you’ll appreciate Mike’s come-alongside style blended with proven expertise.

Whether you serve as treasurer, accountant, controller, CFO, business administrator, executive pastor, finance committee member, or in any other role responsible for church financial operations, Mike will help you:

  • Evaluate and adapt your budget in keeping with your church’s mission and purpose
  • Reduce and manage expenses wisely
  • Create practical and effective financial reports for decision-makers
  • Use key metrics for financial health that work for almost any church
  • Manage the liquidity and financial position of your church
  • Understand and properly administer nontraditional gifts including restricted, planned, deferred, noncash, and other types of gifts
  • Understand the ins and outs of alternative revenue sources
  • Properly establish compensation for your leaders and staff
  • Use and manage debt, plus negotiate debt terms with a lender
  • Maintain sound internal controls
  • Understand the fundamentals of federal tax law for churches
  • Determine what tools and practices (audits, accreditation, etc.) are available to enhance accountability
  • Employ ministry-wide risk management
  • Understand and evaluate insurance coverage
  • And much more

What's new and why you should update to the 2nd edition of Church Finance:

  • Tax information is updated to reflect the major changes arising from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  • Accounting and financial reporting information is updated to reflect recent changes in generally accepted accounting standards (GAAP) • New sample GAAP financial statements and notes
  • All-new chapter on financial policies for churches with multiple sample policies o Sample conflicts-of-interest policy
  • Sample giver privacy policy
  • Sample gift acceptance policy
  • Sample budget administration policy
  • Sample record retention guidelines for churches
  • Sample executive compensation-setting policy
  • Sample fraud, dishonesty, and whistle-blower policy
  • And more
  • Updated content on alternative revenue sources
  • All-new chapter on compensation and benefits for churches
  • All-new chapter on tax compliance for churches
  • All-new chapter on risk management for churches