Do Black Lives Matter to God?

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Political and religious leaders—past and present—have shaped the thinking of society to see blacks and people of color as inferior. As a result, cultural, social, political and religious groups devalued the importance of blacks. This negative mindset has existed for centuries in the Western hemisphere and has escalated to even higher levels today.

Do Black Lives Matter to God? takes us on a historical journey through the Bible to illuminate how God sees black people and people of color. This book challenges all educators who have disparaged and ignored the exceptionalism and existence of blacks in the Bible as a way to justify their oppressive beliefs.

Through Do Black Lives Matter to God? you will understand how black lives in scripture became a catalyst for the evolution of all lives. When all people can live the reality of Jesus’ commandment to “Love one another as I have loved you,” we can truly live a life—black or other—that is reflective of Christ.