Doing it God's Way

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Strong leadership is crucial to expand ministries and continue the growth of the church. However, the process of building that leadership team is not always given the attention it deserves. Today’s pastors must first understand that the Word of God is the foundation for developing church ministry and rely on the principles outlined in the Bible to guide the church.

In Doing It God’s Way, pastor, author, and teacher Dr. Paul Cannings presents a roadmap for Christian leaders, guiding them through the process of resolving conflicts so they may become great examples for their communities. Drawing on Biblical references, this user-friendly handbook will help you:
• Understand the qualities of a good leader
• Develop and sustain a united leadership team
• Resolve difficulties while doing the work of the church
• Break down barriers that prevent people from working together
• Effectively manage teams to develop ministry

Full of actionable instruction, Doing It God’s Way is essential reading for pastors starting new churches, young pastors looking to grow, and seasoned pastors experiencing challenges as they seek to develop a healthy church environment.