Haymanot Journal Volume 1 2021

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The Haymanot Journal is the official publication of the Society of Gospel Haymanot (SGH), an academic community of Black scholars of biblical, theological, and religious studies. SGH exists to provide a space for Black theological scholars for support, partnership, and the production of research grounded in biblical orthodoxy, liberative justice, and Afrocentricity. The consortium of SGH operates as an extension of the Meachum School of Haymanot (MSH), a biblical, Afrocentric school of higher theological education. 
Includes critical essays by 
Dennis R. Edwards, Ernest D. Gray Jr., Vince L. Bantu, Dwayne T. Brown, Christopher Barnes, Brooke D. Giles, Aaron Turner, Jaclyn P. Williams, Luke Brad Bobo, Jacqueline Dyer, RaShan A. Frost. 
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