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The 2020 Third Edition is here!

Whether you are a new minister or a seasoned one, deacon, teacher, or church leader, this study manual and workbook will help guide and support your call to ministry.

Responding to the Call of Ministry allows ministers to comfortably participate in church services and activities while they are still in training. Each of the five parts of this workbook is followed by reflections or other activities to help reinforce the learning. Once completed, these observations will form a unique and personal reference guide that can be used repeatedly over time. An outstanding feature of the book is the “God Please Answer Me” section that addresses many questions asked by persons on their career path in ministry.

“In a time when the emphasis of ministry is more upon preaching and pulpit occupation and less upon serving and developing the body, Reverend Alice J. Dise provides instruction on putting service to God and people back at the forefront of ministry. You are blessed to have this book in your hands and will reference it time and time again fo sound advice on your own particular response to the call of ministry.” — Rev. A. H. Biddings, Ph.D., MCCORMICK THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY, CHICAGO, IL