REVIVAL! BIBLE STUDY GUIDE: A Movie-Based Bible Study for Personal and Small Groups

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The Bible Study Guide based on the Hit Gospel Musical Revival!

Created to help the student of God's word grasp a greater understanding of the social and spiritual nature of Jesus Christ, Revival! Bible Study Guide engages readers in the drama and hand-clapping music in the movie Revival! so you, too, can be both a social and spiritual being reviving the world today.

This six-week movie-based Bible study guide is derived from the book of John. In addition to your Bible, you will need ongoing access to the Revival! movie and this study guide to complete the sessions. Each session has related questions for group discussion or deeper personal study.
  • Session 1: How to Be a Witness for Jesus
  • Session 2: Courageous Conversations
  • Session 3: Are We Giving People Living Water Today?
  • Session 4: Who Is Jesus?
  • Session 5: Innocent Suffering
  • Session 6: The Revival
Experience your own revival and encounter the Jesus of the book of John in a profoundly personal way. We hope this guide becomes a valuable and cherished tool on your path. Please visit


Praise for Revival! The Movie:

"With first-class acting and singing in this musical, Harry Lennix from The Black List has assembled an all-star cast that includes Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child, Chaka Khan, and Mali Music, who Stevie Wonder called the future of Gospel."


"I loved the story, acting, and cinematography. T'Keyah Crystal Keymah shines along with other notable actors. This film is sure to be a classic - one that I would watch at least every Easter season."

"Whether you are a bible believer, black historian, musician, or someone who is in love with a connection to a higher power, Revival! will certainly revive in you a spirit of hope, faith, and praise."