Talking to Your Congregation About Money

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How does your congregation feel about money? Do they love thrift or like to take risks? Do they focus on process? Are they competitive? Are they a mixture of any of these? When starting to preach or talk about your church’s finances, it’s best to understand your church’s culture, mindset, and financial setting. This will help you plan and communicate better with them. In this book, you’ll also find biblical principles to study and use to preach about money and to encourage people to become generous givers. Talking about money is also easier when you gather the right people to put together a budget and create a financial team that understands money and mission and aims to:

  • Develop a budget around ministry categories
  • Consider a zero-based budgeting approach
  • Keep everyone accountable
  • Monitor the finances
  • Communicate the financial picture
  • Watch investments
  • Allow room for growth This book will help guide you through understanding all this and much more.